White Rock Concert Archives

A Wealth of Music

White Rock Concerts has a storied history of 58 seasons of concert presentation for an audience which has grown and flourished over the years since we began in 1956!

The record of events which we presented has been successfully retrieved dating back to approximately 1983-1984. Some earlier information was also found, but those early years remain incomplete. We are now in the process of entering all of the available information onto an interactive database.

Even before the database is established on this site, we invite subscribers (and amateur cultural historians) who may have recollections or records of those missing years, to help us complete the record.

Missing or incomplete years are:

1989-90 1988-89 1986-87 1984-85

plus all years prior to 1983-84. (There was a brief hiatus in the late 1970’s)

What concerts were presented in those seasons?

Can you help us reconstruct our early history?

Once completed, it will be placed not only in the annals of White Rock and South Surrey, but also become the story of one of the few surviving Canadian ‘organized-audience’ concert organizations run by volunteers.